Lost But Found

I’m a lost soul in need of a compass. Lost in my thoughts with no sense of direction. What do I have to do to find myself in this deep abyss of emptiness? I need salvation. Salvation from myself. Don’t we all need redemption? Don’t we need to be saved from our own ways?  We... Continue Reading →

Comparison Kills

I’m sure that everyone has compared themselves to another person at a point in their lives. As the title of this blog states comparison actually kills. It does not kill directly but it slowly wears you out and messes up your mind. Social Media has played a major role in comparison. As I have stated... Continue Reading →

A Flower for Everyone

Flowers have been an old age gift in this world. We are all familiar with roses especially the red ones which are used to depict love. We have the morning glory flower which blooms with the morning sun rays and brightens up the whole day which looks quite amazing. We have the sunflower which produces... Continue Reading →

Embracing Ourselves

As I write this blog, the first question I would like to ask you is do you love yourself? Do you respect yourself? How much time do u spend just to focus on you? This is a question I asked myself I came to learn that we are often seeking the approval of others be... Continue Reading →

Resilience at its best

For those who are not familiar with this term, resilience is the ability or the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. This week's blog is based on a Ted Talks Daily Podcasts for those who listen to podcasts. We can all agree that life has its up and downs and sometimes we face difficulties but... Continue Reading →

Learning to let go

We are all familiar with this statement “take the lemons and turn them to lemonade”. Its metaphorical statement meaning that we should accept the hate the negative vibes we get and turn them to positive vibes. Your brain acting as a filter from bad vibes and getting good vibes at the end. In my opinion... Continue Reading →

The Search for Inner Peace

According to Wikipedia inner peace refers to the state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors. I believe that the people who have found their inner peace are the happiest and get to live longer. Most of us have not yet found our inner peace as we keep on stressing in... Continue Reading →

The Power of Pain

We all experience different kinds of pain in our daily lives which in turn may leave different kinds of wounds that is physical wounds or abstract wound. It takes time to heal from these wounds. Some may say that some wounds never heal. In both categories we experience pain. We are all familiar with the... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorterBy Izaak Walton Welcome to my blog my name is Kamwene and i would like to share my ideas with you. I actually dont have any experience in writing blogs but i believe that my opinions matter and the world needs to know about the sweet... Continue Reading →

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